1. Press SETTINGS then enter Master Code

Enter_Programming_01.jpg Enter_Programming_02.jpg

2. Press SYSTEM TESTS then press SENSOR TEST

System_Tests__2_.jpg Sensor_Test__2_.jpg

3. Activate all sensors


  • Door/Window Sensor - Open and Close


  • Keyfob - Hold both LOCK and UNLOCK button for 2 to 3 seconds


  • Motion Detector - Press top button and remove front from back plate
    • Qolsys - Press top button then remove motion from back plate
    • Interlogix - Press bottom button then remove motion from back plate

                            Qolsys Motion                                              Interlogix Motion

Iq_Motion_collage__2_.jpg GE_Motion_Collage.jpg

4. Results should display as Excellent, Pass or Poor, press BACK or HOME button to exit


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