Qolsys IQ Panel - Performing A Sensor Test

1. Press SETTINGS then enter your Master Code

Settings_IQ_Panel.jpg Installer_Code_IQ_Panel.jpg

2. Press SYSTEM TESTS then press SENSOR TEST

System_Tests__2_.jpg Sensor_Test__2_.jpg

3. Activate all sensors (For specific devices, refer to list below)


  • Door/Window Sensor - Open and Close the Door or Window

            White_Open_Window.jpg                 Open_Close_Door.jpg

  • Keyfob - Hold both LOCK and UNLOCK button for 2 to 3 seconds

                G.E._Keychain_Final.jpg               EcoLink_Keychain_Final.jpg

  • Motion Detector
    • G.E Motion - Press the tab at the bottom of the motion detector and then remove from the mounting plate
    • IQ Motion: Press the button at the top to remove the back mounting plate

                IQ Motion                                                                     GE Motion


4. Press BACK ARROW to exit


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