Using the Photo Frame Video


Step-by-Step Instructions

1. Load 800 x 480 pixel photos on a Micro-SD card, then insert the card into the right side slot



2. Press or swipe down top clock display for Settings, then press PHOTO FRAME

Enter_Program_01_Main.jpg Photo_Frame_01_Dropdown_Select.png


3. Press PLAY to view a slideshow of all available images

Photo_Frame_02_Main_Play.png Photo_Frame_02a_Main_Play_Full_Size_Image.png


4. To delete images press DELETE, select the images, then press DELETE again 

Photo_Frame_03_Main_Delete.png Photo_Frame_03a_Main_Delete_Select_Photo.png


5. To add images press ADD, select the images, then press ADD NEW PHOTOS 

Photo_Frame_04_Main_Add.png Photo_Frame_04a_Add_New.png


6. To change settings press SETTINGS, then select the settings you want to change

Photo_Frame_05_Main_Settings.png Photo_Frame_05a_Settings.png


7. Press DURATION, then select how many minutes before slideshow or clock displays



8. Press EFFECTS to display how images display during slideshow



9. Press SHUFFLE to toggle random pictures ON or OFF



10. Press DISPLAY TYPE to select between Photo Frame or Weather Clock display



11. Press BACK or the HOME button to exit


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