Qolsys IQ Panel - Upgrading The Firmware

Every few months, Qolsys releases a new upgrade for the IQ panel to enhance your experience and fix bugs (if any!). Normally, your panel will upgrade automatically, but if you need to manually perform the upgrade, please refer to the following instructions:

1. Press SETTINGS then enter the Installer Code 1111 or 2222

a.png b.png


c.png d.png

3. Press UPGRADE USING NETWORK to begin the upgrade process and then ask you to re-boot your panel. Select "OK"

e.png f.png

If this does not work

1. Press PATCH TAG then enter systest163 then press OK

Upgrade_Software_01_Main.png Upgrade_Software_07_Patch_Tag.png


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  • How do we know if our IQ panel is up to date?

  • Thank you for this information.  Neither of those installer codes worked.  Do we need to call to figure out the installer code?


  • This was almost 2 years ago.  Is this patch tag still the most up to date?

  • Hi Jeremy,

    The IQ panel doesn't provide an alert, so if you've never upgraded your panel I would highly recommend it. On the IQ 2 panel, you'll receive an alert. 

    Yes, the patch tag is still up to date :)

  • Hi Casey,

    Shoot our Digital team a text message at  469.513.8685. They can definitely help you out. 

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