ASAPer Interactive Messaging Service



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  • Apparently, there is no way to test to verify that the ASAPer service is working short of triggering an alarm and then waiting to see if the ASAPer message is generated. At one time, there was a procedure for testing the ASAPer from the alarm panel by triggering a comm test, however this no longer works. In talking to a LiveWatch support rep, he acknowledged that setting off the alarm was the only way for the system to be tested by a customer, apparently the ASAPer does not work when the system is placed in "test mode" by the monitoring company. 

    Basically, you're paying around $120.00 a year hoping that this works when you need it...

    It seems to me that including a customer test mode would be a good idea.

  • I needed more notification about this service, before implementing it.

  • 1st and foremost  was originally a broad view customer and when Broadview was brought out by ADT I became an ADT customer then I switched from ADT TO VIVINT

    I switched to live watch to save a little bit of money Been a live watch customer for almost a year now. I am truly satisfied with Asaper and Live watch security. I have had to alarm events aaper has worked fine I also had a CO event Asaper and live watch Notified me of the event and my best friend.
    I disagree with previous comment I had my system in test mode to day in set off to panics from a key fob Asaper Worked both times ... No I would never rely on Asaper Just like I personally would not rely on having good cellphone service when the alarm company calls. That's why in an alarm event they dispatch an armed guard and in the instance of my CO Alarm they immediately dispatched the fire department. It is a way of canceling a alarm event a little bit quicker. Thank you live watch For watching over my home while I was sleeping in my Co event

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