Qolsys IQ Panel - Programming A Garage Door Tilt Sensor

The IQ Tilt is designed to tell you whether an overhead garage door is open or closed. The tilt sensor houses a cylinder with a metal bearing inside. When the sensor is tilted, the bearing rolls down the cylinder away from the metal contacts. This disconnects a circuit and sends a signal to the panel saying that the garage has been opened.

Remove the battery tabs.


Choose a mounting position on the top panel of the door. Mount the sensor horizontally with the arrow facing down pointing to the door.

If your IQ Tilt Sensor hasn't been enrolled in your control panel yet, follow the instructions below...

Programming The IQ Tilt Sensor To The IQ Panel 

Make sure your system is disarmed during this process. Start by selecting “Settings”


Enter your “Installer Code”. In this case we're using the default which is “1111”


Select “Installation"


Select “Security Sensors”


Select “Auto Learn Sensor”


At this point, you’ll need to tamper your sensor. To do this, start by removing the casing of the device by pushing in the tab with a flat blade screwdriver(1). Then press down the black tamper switch(2). Reconnect the casing once the panel recognizes the sensor.



The IQ Panel will beep and ask if you want to add the device to your sensor list. Select “OK”


Here you will need to program the proper information for this device.

  • Sensor DL ID: Don't touch this option.
  • Sensor Type: Select “Door/Window”
  • Sensor Name: Select an appropriate name or create a "Custom Description"
  • Chime Type: This allows you to apply a specific sound to your device when it’s used.
  • Sensor Group: This is used to change the behavior of the device. You can choose “10” if you want an entry delay applied or choose “13” if you want no entry delay applied. 
  • Voice Prompts: This allows you turn on or off the vocal chime. 


When you are finished, select “Add New”


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