Amazon Echo - Easy Setup

Get voice control for your smart home system with any Alexa-enabled device, including the Amazon Echo, Echo Dot, Tap or FireTV Voice Remote. Once you've installed your device, follow these instructions to properly sync with your Smart Home System.  

Download the Alexa app on your iOS or Android device. Then login to the Alexa app using your account credentials.

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Enable the Brinks Home Security Skill. To find the Skill, tap on the "Skills" option located in the side menu within the Alexa app. Type in "" and then tap "Enable Skill."

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Sync Brinks Home Security app with Alexa. You'll be prompted to enter your Brinks Home Security account login and password to sync your account with Alexa.

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Simply ask your system to perform commands or to learn the status of your smart home devices. Each time, begin by saying "Alexa, ask" (In the case of the FireTV Voice Remote, just press and hold the microphone button and say "Ask") You'll be able to change the thermostat, dim the lights, close the garage door, point a pan-tilt camera to a preset direction, and more!

Alexa will now disarm your system by enabling the disarm-by-voice feature. 

"Alexa disarm the alarm panel"

Followed by saying your 4 digit code out loud. 

Just say..."Alexa, ask"

"to Arm Stay my system."

"to lock my front door."

"Is my garage door closed?"

"Record a video clip to turn off all the lights"

"What temperature is it in here?"


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