Setting Up The SkyBell

Pre-Installation Checklist

In this video, you will learn about the three key things you must check at the customer’s home before you begin installation:

1. Existing doorbell wiring
2. Doorbell chime type
3. Internet upload speed.

Hardware Installation

Watch this video for a quick overview of the easy installation process for the Wi-Fi Doorbell Camera.

Syncing With

Syncing the Wi-Fi Doorbell Camera with is simple and fast via the the customer app. Remember to use the customer’s mobile phone during the syncing process.

  1. Install the Doorbell Camera.
  2. Ensure that the Doorbell Camera is flashing with a Red/Green alternating pattern.
  3. Download the App and log into your account.
  4. Go to the Doorbell Cameras tab and add A Doorbell Camera.
  5. Name your Doorbell Camera.
  6. Connect to Doorbell Camera's Temporary Wi-Fi Access Point (SkybellHD_##########). The app will instruct the user to connect to the doorbell camera’s Wi-Fi network.
    • iOS – leave the app and enter the settings app. Go to Wi-Fi and select the network named (SkybellHD_##########).
    • Android – do not leave the app; the app will detect the doorbell camera’s network.
7. Select the permanent Wi-Fi network for the doorbell camera.
8. The Doorbell Camera will sync. The Doorbell camera’s LED will follow this pattern:
    • Double-Flash Orange (~30 seconds)
    • Alternating Blue/Green (~30 seconds)
    • Solid Green
Note: if the LED gets stuck on the double-flash orange mode then the incorrect Wi-Fi credentials were entered.
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  • Can you use the doorbell camera if you don’t have a existing doorbell

  • Hi Janelle,

    No, but it’s preferable if you do. SkyBell must function as part of complete circuit, meaning it requires direct power on one side and a wired doorbell (or resistor) on the other. The power must come from a low voltage transformer with 10-36 VAC 10VA. If you do not use a wired doorbell chime, you must use a resistor. If you must use direct current, then make sure it is 12VDC (0.5 to 1.0 amps) and you must also use a 10ohm/10watt resistor between one wire of SkyBell and one wire of the power source.

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