2GIG GoControl - Replace The Backup Battery

Before we get started, it's important you know about two critical components of your alarm system.

We advise giving the battery 24 hours to fully recharge. 


  • This is a large plug located in an electrical outlet. It is often secured with a screw to keep it from falling out. 
  • This plug is the main source of power for your alarm system.
  • As long as there is power in your home, your system should always have power.
  • If the transformer stops supplying power, then the system will be kept running by the system’s backup battery.

Backup Battery

  • The backup battery will keep the system running for a period of time in the event of a power outage.
  • This time depends on the age of the battery and the number of devices it has to support during the outage. 
  • The location of the battery depends on the system type.
  • These backup batteries are rechargeable.  Once power is restored, the battery will recharge on its own. 


1. Remove screw on top of Go Control and pull off front cover


2. Hang the front cover onto the back-plate using the nylon strap


3. Unplug and remove battery from holder


4. The battery can be found at online websites such as Amazon.com  2GIG Replacement Battery


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