2GIG GC3 - Performing WIFI Test

1. Press SYSTEM SETTINGS then enter the Installer Code (Default is 1561)

GC3_WiFi_Test_01_Ready_to_Arm.jpg GC3_WiFi_Test_02_Enter_Code.jpg

2. Scroll down then press INSTALLER TOOLBOX

GC3_WiFi_Test_03_System_Settings_1.jpg GC3_WiFi_Test_04_System_Settings_2.jpg

3. Press NETWORK TEST then press START

 GC3_WiFi_Test_06_Installer_Toolbox.jpg GC3_WiFi_Test_07_WiFi_Test_Main.jpg

4. Local network, Internet and Alarm.com Back-end are tested, when complete press backwards_triangle.JPGto exit

GC3_WiFi_Test_08_WiFi_Test.jpg GC3_WiFi_Test_09_Test_Complete.jpg

5. Press backwards_triangle.JPGagain to exit Installer Toolbox menu then press backwards_triangle.JPGagain or the HOME button to exit

GC3_WiFi_Test_10_Exit.png GC3_Settings_Menu_Exit.png GC3_Home_Button_2.jpg

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