2GIG GoControl - Fixing Supervision on Multiple Zones

The Loss of Sensor Supervision message refers to the roll call the panel conducts to verify all zones are functioning.

Loss of supervision is commonly seen due to a few different possible issues:

1. Borderline or poor sensor signaling due to the distance from the panel.
2. Environmental interference from excess metal, or mounted to a metal surface.
3. Battery levels borderline low.
4. A large number of sensors (40+) we’ve seen can cause intermittent loss of supervision, but usually, this affects random sensors.

Troubleshooting questions

1. Did you have a different alarm system in your home prior to having this keypad installed?

  •  Yes

2. Do you have a metal panel box in a closet where all the wiring went to your hold alarm system?

  • Yes

You have a Super Switch connected to your old alarm system. This unit was designed to convert hardwired zones into wireless zones and work with existing 12-volt control panels. 

To fix this issue replace the 12V battery in your metal panel box.

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