Skybell - Reboot and Factory Default


Hold button until LED flashes blue (about 50 seconds)

Factory Default

Warning! Erases all settings and will require WiFi then programming

Hold button until LED flashes blue (about 50 seconds) then yellow (about 10 seconds)


For more assistance with troubleshooting your Skybell, visit the Skybell comprehensive support center.

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  • My skybell is not recording. It's offline. I did hold for 50 seconds. Nothing happened. My skybell app has been on the synching process for a week. Nothing is working. My wifi is working fine. Is there a charge for a technician. when I had my grandson over for help, the
    tech center hung up after me holding the phone for 20 minutes. What kind of customer service is that. I'm paying for no camera service.'
    If you can't help, at least give me a refund.

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  • Hi Debra,

    Sorry to hear your Skybell isn't working, I know how frustrating it can be when our electronics "don't listen to us". I've listed Skybell's troubleshooting recommendations which can be found here: Skybell Troubleshooting

    1. SkyBell not staying connected to the power
    2. Not Connected to Wifi
    3. Skybell app version
    4. Restart your router/modem
    5. Check your bandwidth
    6. Check your wireless interference
    7. Check the advanced settings on your router or access point





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