4 Channel DVR - How to view recordings from playback


The playback feature of the app allows users to review any recorded video clip stored on the DVR. From the playback section, users can search by date and then scroll through the timeline using their touchscreen phones. As the recorded video is played back users can locally record clips and snapshots right to their smartphones.

To start viewing recordings, follow these steps.

1. From the Home screen press the Playback menu option 


2. Click on the menu option (3 lines) on the top right to view the channel list

3. Select the channel you wish to view from the list of channels displayed by pressing on it

4. Select the date of the recorded clip by pressing on the Date/Time button below the video channel display

5. A pop-up calendar will appear to allow the user to select a specific date from the calendar month. Select the date you wish to view then press OK

If needed users can also select a different month by pressing the left or right arrow buttons next to the month


Note: If an error message of "Warning: Sorry, Video is not found!" then recorded video does not exist, DVR can only hold approximately 2-3 weeks of recorded video

6. Scroll through the timeline by swiping left or right (which is in military time) to search for the recorded video

Users can also record, pause, slow down, and fast forward the recorded video using the buttons located at the bottom of the screen


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