My LED won't turn green, what does this mean?

This means the camera is unable to connect to the network. Check out some easy steps below to get your camera back working.

Is your camera plugged directly into the router?

  • If the answer is yes, it could be a problem with your internet or the Ethernet cable. (Try testing your router and Ethernet cable with another device) 

Is the camera connected wirelessly? 

  • Make sure your router is at least 15 feet away from the camera. (It could be to close to the router)
  • Verify your wireless network password is not entered incorrectly. (If so, you will need to reconnect the camera to the router and re-enter the password)
  • In some rare occasions, the router requires a specific encryption type for it to work with the camera.  If that is the case, we'll coordinate with to identify the correct setting and walk you through updating the settings on your router.
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