How to protect yourself from dishonest visitors

Have you ever opened your front door to a salesperson, only to end up thinking: there's something weird going on here?

Follow these easy tips when confronted with dishonest visitors

Pay attention to the details and ask questions

  • Check for identification (record their name)
  • Obtain contact information for their company, including address and phone number
  • Never agree to verbal contracts (get everything in writing)

If the visitor states they're from your security company

  • Reach out and confirm your appointment with us

Common phrases

  • "Your company went out of business" (Not True!)
  • "Your company was bought out" (Not True!)
  • "Your company sent me to do a routine maintenance check" (Not True!)

 Note: We do not proactively send out technicians without your consent and confirmation



Unexpected Visitor? Text us at BRINKS or 274-657.

Read Alarm.Com's blog How to protect yourself from dishonest visitors to learn how your security system can protect and safeguard you.


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