Attention: Low Battery!

Note: A low battery alert can be caused by the following:
• Power outage
• Flipped breakers
• Outlet not working
• GFI switch
• Or the system may have been unplugged

After the power has been restored, your system keypad may still display a low battery message. This indicates that your system battery is recharging. If the same message remains on your display after 24 hours, please Text us at BRINKS or 274-657 for assistance.

If you have not experienced a power outage or loss of power, click on your keypad for easy steps on how to replace your battery.








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  • video would be more helpful, panel looks different from what I have, battery is not low on panel but key fob and door??/

  • Hi Bena,

    I'd be happy to recommend the article for your door sensor and keyfob. Do you know the name of your system?

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