What to expect when a Burglary alarm happens?

Our Central Station is required to call 2 verification phone numbers (including 2-way) before dispatching on burglar alarms. By contacting 2 verification numbers we're able to easily verify and prevent false alarm dispatches. 

If contact is made, our agent will attempt to verify safety and verbal code word.

  • If verbal code word and safety are verified, then the alarm is closed and no further action is taken

  • If authorities are requested by the customer, an agent will immediately dispatch (within jurisdiction guidelines)

  • If no contact is made, the agent will proceed to dispatch authorities to the location of the alarm (within jurisdiction guidelines)

Once we've dispatched the authorities, we'll immediately begin notifying each person on your contact list. After all contacts have been notified, the alarm is closed and no further action is taken unless additional information or alarms are received. 

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