How to handle a system power outage during a Hurricane/Tropical Storm

Before we get started, it's important you know about two important components of your alarm system. 


  • This is a large plug located in an electrical outlet. It is often secured with a screw
    to keep it from falling out. This plug is the main source of power for your alarm
  • As long as there is power in your home, your system should always have power.
  • If the transformer stops supplying power, then the system will be kept running by
    the system’s backup battery.

Backup Battery

  • The backup battery will keep the system running for a period of time in the event of a power outage.
  • This time depends on the age of the battery and the number of devices it has to support during the outage. 
  • The backup battery is located either inside the keypad (where the codes are typed
    in) or a separate panel box often located in a closet. The location of the battery
    depends on the system type.
  • These backup batteries are rechargeable. Once power is restored, the battery will
    recharge on its own. We advise giving the battery 24 hours to fully recharge.

My system has no power. What can be done?

  • If the system has no power, then the transformer (large plug) is not supplying power and the backup battery has been totally depleted. If you are experiencing a prolonged power outage, then the system will come back up immediately when power is restored.

There is power in the home, but my system still has no power. 

There is an issue with the transformer (large plug) or the outlet in which it is connected. Verify the following:

  • The plug is connected securely to the outlet.

  • The outlet is supplying power. Plug something else into the outlet (e.g. cell phone charger) to see if it works. If the other device also does not get power, then there is an issue with the outlet. Check your breaker box to ensure none of the breakers have tripped.

  • Some outlets are connected to a light switch in the room. If the light switch is turned off, then the outlet is off as well.

  • Some outlets have a reset button in the center. These types of outlets are most often in bathrooms and kitchens. If your transformer is located in one of these outlets, press the reset button and the system may power back up.

  • There are two wires connected to the back of the transformer (usually red and black). If one of those is disconnected, please text our Digital Support Team at BRINKS (274-657) or you can call us at 800-447-9239 to be connected to Tech Support.

  • If none of these steps resolve the issue, please contact Tech Support at 1-800-447-9239 as a technician may need to come to the home. A technician can resolve an issue with the transformer, but if the outlet is bad, then an electrician is needed. 

My power has been restored and the system is reporting a low battery.

  • The backup battery is recharging. Please allow 24 hours for the battery to recharge. Please rest assured, if there is power in the home, then the system will function regardless of the state of the backup battery.

I have waited 24 hours and there is still a low battery message.

  • If you require further assistance, please text our Digital Support Team at BRINKS (274-657) or you can call us at 800-447-9239. Some systems require a physical reset at the panel which we can guide you through. It is also possible the backup battery needs to be replaced. Even though they are rechargeable, they do have a finite lifespan and have to be replaced from time to time. The average lifespan of a backup battery is 2-4 years.

The system keeps beeping! How can I stop it?

Can someone walk me through the Technical steps? Absolutely.

  • If you feel more comfortable with us walking you through each step, please text our Digital Support Team at BRINKS (274-657) or you can call us at 800-447-9239. On some systems, we can disable the beeping. More importantly, we would like to check the system’s status to find out all of the reasons it is beeping and get those addressed for you. 
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