Order Brinks Home Security Yard Signs & Window Decals

Use this extra layer of protection to help ward off potential burglars in your area. If they see that your property is being monitored 24/7, they’ll think twice before trying to break in.


To get your first Brinks Home Security yard sign for free, text our digital team at BRINKS or 274-657 to place your order.


You can also order a new or replace yard signs or window decals in your Brinks Home portal under My System > Order signs and Decals. Each customer is limited one yard sign and four window decals per year, per location monitored.


Your first Brinks Home Security yard sign and 4 window decals are free and each additional sign and decal package is $9.95. Additional decal sheets can be purchased for $2.00. There is a maximum of 4 yard signs and 16 decals in a 12-month period.


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