Qolsys IQ Panel 2 - Setup Bluetooth Disarming

Bluetooth disarming allows you to disarm your system without ever having to use the touchscreen keypad or a key fob. The IQ Panel 2 will automatically disarms when the paired smartphone enters Bluetooth range. The IQ Panel 2 can pair up to 5 smartphones for this feature

1. Enable Bluetooth discovery option in Android or IPhone Bluetooth settings to allow the IQ Panel 2 to see the phone on the network

Bluetooth_Pairing_10_IOS_Settings.png Bluetooth_Pairing_10_Android_Settings.png 

2. Swipe down from the clock display at the top of the screen then press Settings

Enter_Program_01_Main.jpg Enter_Program_02_Dropdown.jpg

3. Press ADVANCED SETTINGS then enter the Master Code

Enter_Program_03_Settings_Menu.jpg Enter_Program_04_Enter_Code.jpg


Bluetooth_Enable_01_Devices_Main.png Bluetooth_Enable_02_Bluetooth_Menu.png

5. Press to check BLUETOOTH and BLUETOOTH DISARM then press BACK ARROW to exit then press ADD PHONE

Bluetooth_Enable_03_Bluetooth_Settings_Menu.png Bluetooth_Pairing_01_Bluetooth_Main.png

6. Select smartphone from the list then press PAIR to send a pairing request to the smartphone

Bluetooth_Pairing_03_Select_Device.png Bluetooth_Pairing_04_Request_Sent.png

7. The request should appear on the phone, press OK to accept then on the IQ Panel 2 press OK to confirm

Bluetooth_Pairing_05_Smartphone_Accept.png Bluetooth_Pairing_06_Pairing_Successful.png

 8. Smartphone will appear under Paired Devices, press HOME to exit

Bluetooth_Pairing_07_Pairing_Exit.png Bluetooth_Pairing_08_Bluetooth_Exit.png

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