Siri Shortcuts - Easy Setup

You can activate your Siri Shortcuts with any compatible device with iOS12 installed. These include your iPhone, iPad, HomePod, Apple Watch, and your Car Play-enabled vehicle dashboard, enabling you to voice- control your home from the road. You know what that means? More road trips!!!

First, we'll need to turn enable the feature within the App

  • Launch your app and scroll down to App Settings
  • Click on Siri Shortcuts


  •  Next to Share Activity with Siri, press the toggle
  • Press Share again and read the pop-up


Second, we'll select our shortcut and complete our recordings.

  • Press the plus sign next to Arm Stay
  • Press OK, with an option for silent arming or no entry delay
  • Press the red button, and record "Arm Stay"


  •  This should be your end result.


 For more information on Siri Shortcuts click here!


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