Setting up a scene is super easy, follow these steps!

If you're not familiar with Scenes, click here for more information. 

In short, Scenes allow you to control several smart home devices with a single command.

One of my personal favorites is the "Movie Scene" with one click or voice activation you can make your movie experience super comfortable.

I'll walk you through setting up a Movie Scene - and if you have more questions, post a comment or ask our community.

Note: You can create Scenes in both the desktop and with your app. For this example, I'll be using a desktop. If you want to set up a Scene directly from your app head here.

1. Click Automation

2. Click Scenes

3. Click New Scene

4. Create a button for your Scene. 

5. Name your Scene

Once you've created your button, you'll now see a list of smart home powered devices.

6. To include the device in your Scene, click the plus sign and specify what you want the device to do.

  • System Armed in Stay Mode - This activates all doors and windows but disarms the motions for popcorn runs, and bathroom breaks.
  • Thermostat turned down - Blanket Time :)
  • Front & Side Door Locked - If someone's running late, I'll use my app or voice control to unlock
  • All lights off - This provides the perfect ambiance

7. Press Save

Here is our new Movie Night Scene


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