2GIG GoControl - Bypassing Sensors

Bypassing turns off one or more sensors while still allowing arming the rest of the system

1. Press SECURITY then MENU

User_Menu_-_Bypass_01.png User_Menu_-_Bypass_02a.png

2. Press TOOLBOX then enter your Master Code

User_Menu_-_Bypass_03a.png User_Menu_-_Bypass_Enter_Code.png

3. Press BYPASSED SENSORS then press to select sensor to bypass

User_Menu_-_Bypass_06.png User_Menu_-_Bypass_07.png

4. Press BACK twice or the HOME button to exit

User_Menu_-_Bypass_08.png User_Menu_-_Bypass_09.png Home_Button.png

5. Arm by pressing SECURITY then ARM

User_Menu_-_Bypass_01.png User_Menu_-_Bypass_02.png

6. Press STAY or AWAY to arm

User_Menu_-_Bypass_05.png Arm_04_Stay_Arming.png




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