Why you should start using Scenes with your Smart Home

The easy to use Scenes buttons in your Brinks Home Security app let's you automate several smart home devices with one click. Below is an example of my Home Scene  with details to help you build your perfect scene. Remember Scenes are meant to make a specific moment of the day easier. Think date night - instead of locking the doors, turning the down lights, and fidgeting with the thermostat - you can make all that happen with the click of a button.

Home Example:

When I get home I want to relax, and that's starts with seamless entry into my home (no codes, no keys) and the perfect temperature.

My Home Scene is setup to disarm my system, unlock my front door and lower my thermostat.

I don't want to fidget with keys or run to the panel to disarm the system. This hands free approach works for me - especially with the integration of Siri Shortcuts. I simply say "Hey Siri, run home scene" and abracadabra!

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