Interlogix Concord - Add Z-Wave Thermostat

This requires an communication module

1. Hold Z-Wave button on cellular daughter-board until L2 LED flashes a 4-blink pattern


2. Enter Z-Wave learn mode on the thermostat

Radio Thermostat CT30/CT100/CT101

1. Press MENU button then press the MATE icon below radio icon, "r1" appears



2. Press MATE icon again, MATE flashes, if learning is successful "LINK" appears below radio icon, press MENU to exit


Radio Thermostat CT110

Press button on right side


2GIG RCS TBZ48 Thermostat


1. Hold FAN button for 5 seconds until "SETUP" appears

TBZ48_Thermostat_Learn_1.jpg TBZ48_Thermostat_Learn_2.jpg

2. Press UP ARROW button until "ZWAVE" then press MODE button

TBZ48_Thermostat_Learn_3.jpg TBZ48_Thermostat_Learn_4.jpg

3. Press MODE button again to learn then press FAN button to exit

TBZ48_Thermostat_Learn_5.jpg TBZ48_Thermostat_Learn_6.jpg

3. If successful Concord keypad beeps and L2 LED turns ON for 1 minute

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