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Skybell Blinking Red & Green? Try this!

Your device has gone into the syncing mode, which is why it is blinking red/green. You will need to re-sync the device before it will work again.

Follow the instructions below:

1. Make sure the device is still blinking red/green. If not, hold down the main button until it is rapidly flashing green and then release. It should now blink red/green.

2. Go into the app>Device Settings (gear icon)>Delete Device

3. Under the Device List>Add a new SkyBell

4. Follow the syncing instructions. 

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  • This did not work. Got any other ideas? - Thank you!

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  • Hi Virginia,

    I would recommend contacting our Technical support at 800-447-9239 for assistance. I would recommend they look into your interactive account for any updates or details. Depending on the version you have the troubleshooting steps may differ.

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