Update Your Emergency Contacts and Set Call List

1. Hover your mouse over "My Profile"

2. Click on "Emergency Contacts"

3. Click on "Update Contact List"

4. Click "Edit" or "Delete"

5. Update the contact information

  • When a security alarm is triggered, our Alarm Response Center will respond to your emergency contacts before dispatching. Be sure to keep your Emergency Contacts updated               

6. Click "Set Call Order"

7. Press "Confirm"


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  • I need an account number and more information to know that I am in your system

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  • Hi James,

    With this being an account specific question, I would recommend texting our digital team at 469.513.8685 for assistance. 

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  • I need to know I’ll be contacted first before my emergency contact.

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  • Mark,

    Make sure you're number one on your emergency contact list.

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