Dashboard Overview - My System

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  • I've been waiting weeks for a copy of my contract.  Can someone please email me this?  Thank you.

  • Hi Hemmes,

    I would recommend texting our digital team at 469-513-8685. They'll be able to assist with your contract request, and updating your billing statement. 

  • Purchased batteries from Batteries Plus, but they are not working with alarm system at my back door of my home. Says, back door alarm failed. Send someone out to repair or send me batteries that will work in the door alarms. Urgent. Been calling for the past 3 days, cannot get anyone on the phone.
    803-786-6473 home phone

  • Hi Otis,

    I'm sorry you're having issues with your back door sensor. Back door failure means the previous batteries were completely dead. I would recommend scraping the battery contacts to ensure the connection is good. If that doesn't work, I would recommend texting our Digital team, they may be able to assist with replacing the sensor. You can text our Digital support team at 469-513-8685.


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