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Skybell - Android Device Setup

1. SkyBell button flash red / green, If not, reset by holding SkyBell button 60 seconds until button flashes blue then yellow


2.  Login to the Brinks Home Security app then press 3 top left bars then press "Doorbell Camera" then press + to add a new Skybell

Skybell_Installation_01.png Skybell_Installation_02.png Skybell_Installation_03.png

3. Press next twice then enter doorbell name then press NEXT

Skybell_Installation_04.png Skybell_Installation_05.png Skybell_Installation_06.png

4. App scans the network and finds new Skybells, press to select then select WiFi network

Skybell_Installation_07.png Skybell_Installation_08.png Skybell_Installation_09.png

5. Enter WiFi password then press NEXT to configure, when finished press ENABLE for notifications

Skybell_Installation_10.png Skybell_Installation_11.png Skybell_Installation_12.png

6. Enable camera recording schedules then press NEXT, if successful press NEXT to view doorbell video

Skybell_Installation_13.png Skybell_Installation_14.png Skybell_Installation_15.png

For more assistance with troubleshooting your Skybell, visit the Skybell comprehensive support center



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