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Skybell - Apple iOS Device Setup

Note: Please stand near the SkyBell during the syncing process. Ensure the SkyBell is flashing red/green.  If not, please factory reset the device by pressing your SkyBell button in and hold it for about a minute. The LED will flash rapid green > red and green > blue > yellow.  Please make sure to start the syncing process while connected to your home network (not the SkyBell network), as you need internet access for the first few steps.

  1. Open the SkyBell HD app and press "Account" in the bottom right
  2. Press "Add a new SkyBell"
  3. Press "Begin".
  4. Press "Continue"
  5. Go into Settings on your iPhone and select Wi-Fi
  6. Connect to the network "SkyBellHD_XXXXXX"
  7. Go back to the SkyBell HD app
  8. Select your home Wi-Fi network and press "Continue"
  9. Type in your home Wi-Fi password and press "Next"

You may want to press the eye icon to show your password as you type it

  1. Your SkyBell app will say that it is configuring and your SkyBell should begin changing colors, it should flash Orange, then Green/Blue, then finally solid Green
  2. When the SkyBell is solid green, press "Go back to my account" and your sync is complete!

For a first time user, please download the 'SkyBell HD' application and press 'Sign Up' to create an account.

For more assistance with troubleshooting your Skybell, visit the Skybell comprehensive support center.

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  • Hello Shay,
    May I have the steps to connect the skybell camera for the app? for both android and Iphone

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  • Hi Matthew,

    Syncing With

    Syncing the Wi-Fi Doorbell Camera with is simple and fast via the the customer app. Remember to use your mobile phone during the syncing process.

    Install the Doorbell Camera

    • Ensure that the Doorbell Camera is flashing with a Red/Green alternating pattern.
    • Download the App and log into your account.
    • Go to the Doorbell Cameras tab and add A Doorbell Camera.

    Name your Doorbell Camera

    • Connect to Doorbell Camera's Temporary Wi-Fi Access Point (SkybellHD_##########).
    • The app will instruct the user to connect to the doorbell camera’s Wi-Fi network.

    iOS – leave the app and enter the settings app. Go to Wi-Fi and select the network named (SkybellHD_##########).

    Android – do not leave the app; the app will detect the doorbell camera’s network.

    Select the permanent Wi-Fi network for the doorbell camera.
    The Doorbell Camera will sync. The Doorbell camera’s LED will follow this pattern:

    Double-Flash Orange (~30 seconds)
    Alternating Blue/Green (~30 seconds)
    Solid Green

    Note: if the LED gets stuck on the double-flash orange mode then the incorrect Wi-Fi credentials were entered.

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