How to Install the Brinks Home HD Video Doorbell

The Brinks Home Security HD Video Doorbell, powered by, features an integrated camera, PIR motion sensor, digital microphone and speaker, enabling you to answer the door and speak to visitors via two-way audio – all right from your Brinks Home app. You can also record doorbell triggered clips, set motion triggered automation rules and receive real-time alerts. 

Watch this video to be guided through the steps of installing your Smart Doorbell:

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  • how to sync with mobile app? no tabs listing cameras or doorbells per the instructions. lost

  • Hi Scott, 

    I'm sorry you're having difficulties. It sounds like your service plan may need to be upgraded. I would recommend texting our digital team at 469.513.8685 for assistance. 

  • Mine works, except for notifications. I get plenty of motion notifications, but no button press notifications. The only notifications I have set up are button press notifications, yet all I get a motion triggers. What gives? Don't worry, I'll wait the 6 months it takes you guys to respond to questions.

  • Hi Jeremy,

    Skybell has an article that provides some troubleshooting steps for this issue.

    Click on the link below to see the recommended TS steps from Skybell.

    Why am I not receiving push notifications



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