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The touchscreen is unresponsive.

  • Screen activation - To activate the screen, use one of the three options below:

1. Touch screen with palm or back of hand until digits illuminate.

2. Touch the lower left area of the screen (where Checkmark is located) until
digits illuminate.

3. Touch screen with three or more fi ngers until digits illuminate.

  • One-second pause

The lock requires a one-second pause immediately after locking or
unlocking before the touchscreen will re-activate. Fully remove hand
from the screen until the Checkmark or Lock symbol turns off, and then
activate the screen again.

  • Touchscreen lockout

If three incorrect codes were entered within one minute, the touchscreen
will lock for 60 seconds.

The lock symbol does not lock the door.

  1. No user codes are programmed. If there are no codes in the lock, the lock symbol will not lock the door. This is indicated by the “X” pattern flashing three times with three beeps. Program at least one user code and test the Lock symbol again.
  2. The door handing process was not executed. Perform the manual door handing process, following the instructions inside the Installation and User guide. 
  3. The battery is too low to lock the door. This is indicated by the Checkmark and Lock symbols flashing simultaneously five times with five beeps. Remove the batteries and
    replace with a fresh set.

Only two digits illuminate on the touchscreen.

  1. SecureScreen is enabled. SecureScreen is an added security feature that displays random digits
    before you enter a user code to unlock the door. This feature ensures that there are fingerprints on all digits so that codes cannot be identified by examining the touchscreen for fingerprints.
    If desired, this feature can be disabled by turning switch #4 to the off position.

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