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How do I connect my Yale lock to Amazon Alexa?

Using your Yale lock with requires one of the following set-ups:

- Yale lock with Z-Wave or ZigBee + SmartThings Hub and SmartThings app + Alexa enabled device (i.e. Echo, Dot or Tap)

- Yale lock with Z-Wave + Wink Hub and Wink App + Alexa enabled device (i.e. Echo, Dot or Tap)

Click here for instructions for setting up your Yale lock to Amazon Alexa via SmartThings.

Click here for instructions for setting up your Yale lock to Amazon Alexa via Wink.

Can all of the user codes and the programming code be changed in the lock to ensure previous owners do not have access to the house?

“Yale Real Living” keypad locks have advanced features that provide the option of changing all of the codes for maximum security. To change all codes, including the programming code, follow these steps:

1. Change the programming code
2. Delete ALL user codes
3. Add NEW user codes

Refer to the Programming/Operating Instructions for complete details or view the programming video on www.yalerealliving.com.

What if the programming code is not known?

The factory preset code label can be found in the Programming/Operating Instructions.  If the programming code has been changed and is unknown, it is necessary to reset the lock to factory settings. For instructions on how to reset the lock to original preset settings, please refer to the Programming/Operating Instructions.

How often should the battery be changed?

The batteries are expected to last up to one year under normal operating conditions. Extreme high and low temperatures may affect battery performance. If the battery is low, a series of warning beeps will sound and the “Yale Real Living” deadbolt will also provide you with a visual low battery warning after a valid code has been entered. The lock operates as normal immediately following the alerts. The critical battery indicator causes the “Yale Real Living” deadbolt to flash red and the lock does not operate. The mechanical key can be used to unlock the lock under these conditions. Replacing the battery once every year is recommended to ensure optimal performance.

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