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I can see the lock in my controller, but I can’t control it from the controller.

  • The system needs a repeater or router to reach the lock.
    Adding repeaters to your system may help communication between your
    lock and the controller, especially if they are far away from each other.
  • The network configuration changed.
    If any repeaters or routers in the system were moved since adding the
    lock to the system, perform the “rediscover” process in your system’s
    user interface.
  • The lock is in sleep mode. If the lock has been unable to communicate with the system after
    multiple attempts, it will go into sleep mode. Lock and unlock the door with a key so that the lock status transmits to the system. If it still does not communicate, remove (exclude/unpair) the lock from your system. Then, pair (add/include) the lock with your system again. If the problem persists, add a repeater or router between the controller and lock if none presently exist in the system.
  • The light module or switch is not beaming capable. Z-Wave locks: Ensure the light module or switch located between the controller and lock is beaming capable. ZigBee locks: Ensure the router is reachable by both controller and lock.

The batteries drain within one day.

  • The lock must be replaced.

The batteries drain within a few weeks.

  • The smart home system’s user interface falsely reports a low battery. If you receive an alert from your smart home system indicating that the battery is low, confirm this is true at the lock. Turn on switch #1 so that the status LED flashes every six seconds. If the LEDs turn amber or green, followed by a red flash, the battery is low. If the red flash is not seen, the battery is not low. This is an error on the smart home system side that will often be fixed when the lock is manually locked or unlocked.
  • The Wireless Card LEDs are staying on. Remove the battery pack, press and hold the program button for 10 seconds. Replace the battery pack. If the Wireless Card LEDs continue to stay on, contact Technical Support.
  • The smart home system controller’s communication with the lock is draining the battery. Remove the lock from your system. Put a new set of batteries in the lock. Operate the lock in stand-alone mode for a week. If the batteries drain within the week, the problem resides in the lock. If the batteries do not drain, the problem may be the smart home controller. Call Technical Support.
  • The smart home system controller’s ping frequency is too high. Decrease the ping frequency from the controller to the lock to the lowest possible setting.
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