Yale Push Touchscreen T1L Lock - FAQ's


Do “Yale Real Living” keypad deadbolts meet industry standards?

“Yale Real Living” residential keypad deadbolts have been engineered, utilizing proven technology, to meet strict ANSI/BHMA Grade 2 standards.

Can the “Yale Real Living” preset programming code be changed?

It is easy to change the preset six-digit programming code at any time. Note: the factory set programming code must be changed before any user codes can be added. Refer to the Programming/Operating Instructions for complete details or view the programming video on www.yalerealliving.com.

Why is the programming code required to add or delete a user code?

For added security, a valid 4 to 8 digit programming code must be entered in order to add, delete or change a user or the programming code. In order to prevent unauthorized changes, the programming code should not be shared and a record of all the codes should be kept in a safe place.

How many user codes can be stored in the “Yale Real Living” Keypad Deadbolts?

The keypad deadbolt can store up to 250 four to eight digit user codes, in addition to the programming code.


Do “Yale Real Living” Keypad Deadbolts fit standard residential doors?

Yale Real Living” Keypad Deadbolts are designed to fit most standard doors.  In most cases, “Yale Real Living” Keypad Deadbolts can be installed in under 30 minutes using only a screwdriver; no additional holes need to be drilled into the door. If the door has not already been prepped for a deadbolt lock, please go to www.yalerealliving.com and download the proper template to prepare the door. 

Does it matter whether the door is left-handed or right-handed?

“Yale Real Living” Keypad Deadbolts are designed to fit both right-handed and left-handed doors and will electronically set the correct handing during the initial set-up process.  For instructions on how to change the handing of the lock, please refer to the Programming/Operating Instructions or visit www.yalerealliving.com.


How many languages do “Yale Real Living” Touch Screen Keypad Deadbolts speak?

The “Yale Real Living” Touch Screen Keypad Deadbolts have voice assisted programming and operation in three languages; English, Spanish, and French.

Can “Yale Real Living” Keypad Deadbolt be re-keyed to match existing keys?

Yes, the “Yale Real Living” Keypad Deadbolts can be re-keyed to match existing keys, providing “One-Key Convenience.” 

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