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For a limited time (December 21 - 26, 2018), you're able to "catch" Santa Claus visiting your home with a new Santa Security feature. Take snapshots using compatible cameras, insert an image of Santa Claus, and send the evidence to your friends and family. 


You must have the following to use the feature: 

  • The latest version of the Brinks Home mobile app (version 8.4.2)
  • One of the following cameras: 
    • ADC-V520
    • ADC-V520IR
    • ADC-V521IR
    • ADC-V522
    • ADC-V622
    • ADC-V722

How does Santa Security work? 

Using your Brinks Home app: 

  1. Select a Live Video feed of a compatible camera, and then tap the Santa icon to take a snapshot.


    Note: A pop-up window will explain how to "catch" Santa on camera the first time you tap on a Live Video feed. 

  2. Select a Santa to add, and then resize and/or move him as needed. Santa options include day (full color) or night (black/white).

  3. Download the image, or Share the image via text, e-mail, or any other native sharing app in your phone (e.g., Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.). 

Share your Santa images on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook over the holidays with the hashtags #BrinksHome and #SantaSecurity for a chance to win a FREE Indoor Camera! You must share your photos before 12/31/18 to be eligible.  
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