Make Life Easier with Geo-Services (Video)

Imagine if your house knew when you were on your way home, and took action to ensure the it was the perfect temperature when you arrive. Or if, when you left, your home reminded you that you forgot to lock the front door or close the garage door. Geo-Services, the location-based home automation feature within the Brinks Home Security™ mobile app, uses your smartphone's location to take useful actions on your behalf while you're out. These range from a simple notification to a real action like adjusting your thermostat. It works by using your smartphone's location to determine where you are, relative to your home's location. When you reach a certain distance from your house – defined by a circular "geo-fence" which you create yourself in your Brinks Home app – Geo-Services can take a range of actions on your behalf. And best of all? It’s completely free. Learn more at

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