Simon XT - Add Z-Wave Light Module

Devices must be within 6 ft of the Simon XT when adding them to the network. If a device will not be within 6ft of the Simon XT in its permanent installed location, include it in the network either before permanently mounting the panel or before installing the device.

The following information will show you how to add your Z-Wave Light Module to your Simon XT. Before we continue, it's good to make sure your Z-wave network is clean and ready to properly add to your system. To do this, we have to delete the device from the network, this will work even though it has not been added to the panel yet. Click here for how to clean the network.

Follow the steps below to add a Z-Wave Light Module to the Simon XT...


To add the device, double click the button in the middle of the light or appliance module. (If there is no beep at the panel confirming successful enrollment of the device, try pressing the button again.)


Your Simon XT will beep and show, “Device # Added”.

Press "Status" 5 times.

After you have completed the steps above, you can relocate the Z-Wave Light Module to your desired location. Make sure it's within a maximum of 15ft from the Master Control

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