Interlogix Simon XT - Learning The Basics (See All)

Status Display

Press STATUS to hear open sensors or system troubles


Disarm From Alarm

Press DISARM then enter User Code to silence and reset alarm


Arming In Away Silent Mode

This arms perimeter and interior zones without exit delay beeps

Press DOORS + WINDOWS button then MOTIONS button then SILENT button


Arming In Stay Instant Mode

Press DOORS + WINDOWS button twice


Arming In Stay Mode

Arming in Stay mode arms the perimeter sensors and bypasses interior sensors

Press DOORS + WINDOWS button


Arming In Away Mode

This arms the perimeter doors and windows and interior motion detectors

Press DOORS + WINDOWS button


Severe Weather Alerts

The LCD screen displays a message stating the nature of the severe weather and the expiration time of the alert as specified by the National Weather Service

Press and hold the # key for 10 seconds to silence beeps and clear

Bypassing A Sensor

The Bypass button is used to skip arming any open doors or windows and still arm everything else. To do this, leave the door or window open and then press Doors+Windows or Motions.

Indirect Bypassing:

During the Entry Delay, the panel will announce the open sensor. Press the Bypass button and the panel will announce Sensor Bypassed (eg. Back Door Bypassed). The panel will then arm everything else. You will be able to open and close the door or window as many times as you want without setting off the alarm. To cancel a bypass, simply disarm the panel.


Direct Bypassing:

If your system is already armed and the Entry Delay has finished, follow the steps below to bypass a sensor...


Touchscreen Silent Arming

1. Press the lock button to arm the system


2. On the bottom of the next screen, under "Arming Settings", press Silent Exit,  "ON"


3. Select the arming level (Motion Sensors Only, Arm All, or Doors and Windows)

That's it!

Changing Volume and Voice Settings

The Panel beeps are generally very helpful, but sometimes they can be a too loud or annoying

Here is a few options you have with your sirens and beeps


1. Piezo Beeps:

- These are the beeps the panel makes for system activity (eg. I opened the front door and my panel beeped. When I arm the panel my alarm beeps until it arms)

~  Can turn these off and on.

2. Panel Voice:

- Announces arming levels (eg. When I push the "Status" button the panel tells me "System OK"
~  Can turn these notifications off and on.

3. Panel Piezo Alarm:

- These are the alarms the panel makes in the event of a fire, a break in, or the like
~  Can turn these off and on

4. Trouble Beeps: 

- Determines whether the panel and interior sirens beep every minute when there is a trouble condition. (eg. I have a Low Battery and my panel keeps beeping.)
~  Can turn these off and on.
~  Hitting the "Satus" button immediately followed by the "Disarm" button will also silence these beeps for 4 hours.

5. Voice Chime: 

- Determines how the panel talks to you. (eg. When I open the front door my panel tells me Front Door Open, I can be change that to beep instead of telling me that.)
~ 1 = Sensor Name
~ 2 = Loud ding-dong bell
~ 3 = Soft ding-dong bell
~ Off = no sound

6. Status Beep Volume: 

- Determines the panel piezo volume level for status beeps in the above sections 1, and 4.
~ Volume levels 1-10.

7. HW siren sup.:

- Determines whether the panel monitors the siren's status; whether it is connected or if the wires have been cut. This requires a 4.7 KOhm resistor placed between the 2 wires preferably up the wire a ways. 

8. Speaker Volume:

- Sets the volume for the voice communications in the above section 2, and 5.
~ Volume levels 1-8

9. Silent police alarm: 

- The "Police Alarm" button on the bottom left corner can be set so that the police are notified but no audible alarm is sent.
~ If it is on a silent alarm is sent; if it is off the police would be notified and the siren would go off as well.

10. Panel Tamper Alarm:

- This determines whether the panel will send an alarm if the cover of the panel is removed.
~ Can be turned off and on

Turning On The Voice Chime

The Voice Chime is a convenient feature of the Simon XT for both home owners and business owners. You will be able to know which doors or windows are opening if a customer has entered the office, or if your toddler is opening the medicine cabinet. .

With your system in the disarmed state, follow these easy instructions to use this useful tool:


1. Press the down arrow until you see "System Programming" and press "OK"

2. Enter in your installer code (4321 by default) and press "OK"

3. Press the down arrow until you see "Siren Options" and hit "OK"

4. Press the down arrow until you see "Voice Chime" and press "OK"

5. Change the chime feature by using the down arrow and press "OK" (1 is voice chime, 2 is a loud doorbell sound, and 3 is a soft doorbell sound)

6. Press "Status" until back at the main screen, where it says "Disarmed"


Once you are at the "Disarmed" screen, press the down arrow key until you see "Chime Off", press "OK" and then the down arrow key, and press "OK" again, and your screen should now say "Chime On". Press "Status" until you are back at the "Disarmed" screen and you are all set! 

How To Set The System Time

Follow the steps below to set the proper time on your Simon XT panel

Note: If you have a an interactive plan, or higher, then you are in luck!  Our servers automatically set the time for activated system with a signal.  If you have that service, activation and signal strength you do not need to follow these steps (sometimes it just takes a few minutes to automatically set the time).

If you don't have that service, follow these simple steps to set the time manually:

  1. Make sure your system is Disarmed
  2. Begin by preparing the Simon XT panel for a new time
    1. Press the Scroll Up key until the LCD Info Display shows “Set Clock” and press the OK key
    2. The LCD Info Display now shows “Enter Code” 
    3. Enter your 4 digit code (the one you enter to arm your system) and then press the OK key 2 times
    4. The LCD Info Display now shows the time and flashes the hours as shown below
  3. Now set the time by follow the steps in this diagram of a Simon XT and you are done!



Open Sensor and Still Arm System

1. Press DOORS + WINDOWS then MOTIONS button to Arm


2. Press BYPASS button then enter your Master Code, press arrow buttons to select sensor then press OK to bypass








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