2GIG GC3 - Learning The Basics Pt. 2

2GIG GC3 - Changing Display Settings

1. Press SYSTEM SETTINGS then enter your Master Code

GC3_Display_Settings_01_Ready_to_Arm.jpg GC3_Display_Settings_02_Enter_Code.jpg

2. Press SCREEN then Move sliders to adjust Screen Brightness and Dim Brightness

GC3_Display_Settings_03_System_Settings.jpg GC3_Display_Settings_04_Screen.jpg

3. Press SCREEN TIMEOUT then set time of no activity before screen blanks then press backwards_triangle.JPG or the HOME button to exit

GC3_Display_Settings_05_Screen_Timeout.jpg  GC3_Display_Settings_06_Exit.jpg GC3_Home_Button_2.jpg

2GIG GC3 - Changing the Master Code

1. Press SYSTEM SETTINGS then enter the current Master Code

GC3_System_Settings_01_Ready_To_Arm.png GC3_System_Settings_02_Enter_Code.png

2. Press USERS then press the PENCIL icon by Master User

 GC3_Master_Code_Change_01_Settings_Menu.png GC3_Master_Code_Change_02_List.jpg

3. Press the PENCIL icon by CODE then enter the new Master Code then press NEXT

GC3_Master_Code_Change_03_Edit.jpg GC3_Master_Code_Change_04_Enter_User_Code.jpg

4. Enter the new Master Code again to confirm then press NEXT then press backwards_triangle.JPGto exit

GC3_Master_Code_Change_Master_05_Confirm.jpg GC3_Master_Code_Change_06_Finished.jpg

5. Press backwards_triangle.JPGagain or the HOME button to exit


2GIG GC3 - Deleting User Codes

1. Press SYSTEM SETTINGS then enter the Master Code

GC3_User_Codes_01_Ready_To_Arm.png GC3_User_Codes_02_Enter_Code.png

2. Press USERS then press Trash Can icon by user to delete

GC3_User_Codes_03_Main_Menu.png GC3_User_Codes_Delete_01_List.png

3. Press DELETE to confirm then press backwards_triangle.JPGor the HOME button to exit

GC3_User_Codes_Delete_02_Confirmation.png GC3_User_Codes_Delete_05_Exit.pngGC3_Home_Button_2.jpg

2GIG GC3 - Disarm Partitions

Partitions are areas within the system that can be armed or disarmed without affecting other areas

Note: This option is not available on GC3 systems with older firmware

1. Press SMART AREAS then enter the Master or an Authorized User Code

Partition_Disarm_01_Main.png Partition_Disarm_02_Enter_Code.png

2. Press DISARM buttons by partition to disarm

Partition_Disarm_03_Smart_Areas.png Partition_Disarm_04_Main.png

2GIG GC3 - Disarming

If entering the premises during entry delay enter your User Code

GC3_Disarm_02_Enter_Code.png GC3_Disarm_03_Disarmed.png

If at home armed in Stay mode press Disarm then enter your User Code

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