ADC-V521IR Indoor Camera Access Point WiFi Setup

1. Hold back button 6 seconds until camera LED flashes white


2. Go to smartphone WiFi settings, look for ALARM xx:xx:xx then press CONNECT

ADC-V622_AP_Setup_01.png ADC-V622_AP_Setup_02.png ADC-V622_AP_Setup_03.png

3. Open web browser, enter, camera menu appears, press SCAN

ADC-V622_AP_Setup_04.png ADC-V622_AP_Setup_05.png ADC-V622_AP_Setup_06.png

4. Swipe down then select WiFi network then swipe up

ADC-V622_AP_Setup_07.png ADC-V622_AP_Setup_08.png ADC-V622_AP_Setup_09.png

5. Enter WiFi encryption, press SUBMIT then OK

ADC-V622_AP_Setup_10.png ADC-V622_AP_Setup_11.png

6. Camera green LED turns ON if network connection is successful


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