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Adding A Z-Wave Device

Start by adding the Z-Wave devices that will be located closest to the control panel, and then move outwards. (Some devices, such as locks, must be within 6 ft of the IQ panel when adding them to the network. If a lock will not be within 6ft of the panel in its permanent installed location, consider including it in the network either before permanently mounting the panel or before installing the lock.)

Follow these directions to get to the Z-Wave menu on the IQ Panel:


The panel will prompt you to Press the learn or pair button to add a device. Follow these directions for your specific device:

Plug-in Lamp or Light/Appliance Module


To add the device, double click the button in the middle of the light or appliance module.

IQ Siren


To add the device, press the button at the bottom of the siren.

In-Wall Dimmer or On/Off Light Switch


To add the device, turn on and off the light switch.

GE In-Wall Outlet


To add the device, double click the button in the middle of the outlet.

Schlage Lever Lock or Deadbolt

On the lock keypad, enter the six-digit programming code (provided in the documentation from Schlage), then press the Schlage button, followed by 0. The Schlage button will flash orange for a minute. Wait until the light flashes green before disrupting the lock or panel. Failure to do so will result in lock malfunctions.

Kwikset Deadbolt


Open the back cover and press the white button at the top left. Wait until the red light (under the paper next to the button) stops flashing before disrupting the lock or panel. Failure to do so will result in lock malfunctions.

Yale Touchscreen Deadbolt

Touch the screen with the back of your hand or fingers to activate. Then enter the 4-8 digit Master PIN code followed by the # key. Press 7 followed by the # key to enroll. Wait for the lock to announce that it has completed before disrupting the lock or panel.

Basic Thermostat

To add the device, press the black Mate button located under the top cover on the upper right hand side, or reset the thermostat.


GE Advanced Thermostat (IS-ZW-TSTAT-300)



To add the device, press the Menu button then press Mate on the screen, or reset the thermostat.

Trane Remote Energy Management Thermostat



To add the device, press the Menu button twice then scroll down to Z-Wave Install and press Select then press Yes.

IQ Thermostat



To add the device, press and hold the "Home" key for 2 seconds until you see the "NOC". Then press the "Program" key. It will display "Srh", meaning that the thermostat is searching for the network.


Once the network is found, it will show "done". Then press the "Home" key to go back to the default screen. 

Once a new device has been added successfully, the panel will issue a beep, and the screen will show the device information and allow you to change the name of the device.

When you are finished with any changes, press Add on the panel. If the panel does not issue this confirmation, try pressing the Z-Wave device’s button again, or clicking it several times quickly.

Deleting A Z-Wave Device

If you need to delete a Z-Wave Device from your IQ panel, follow the steps below...


You're done! Select the "Home" button.

If you want to add a Z-Wave Device, "Click Here"




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