Qolsys IQ Panel - Troubleshooting (See All)

Panel Is Not Responding

Hold down the "Home" button for 60 seconds to reboot, wait 2-3 minutes to turn back on


Performing A Sensor Test

1. Press SETTINGS then enter your Master Code

Settings_IQ_Panel.jpg Installer_Code_IQ_Panel.jpg

2. Press SYSTEM TESTS then press SENSOR TEST

System_Tests__2_.jpg Sensor_Test__2_.jpg

3. Activate all sensors (For specific devices, refer to list below)


  • Door/Window Sensor - Open and Close the Door or Window

            White_Open_Window.jpg                 Open_Close_Door.jpg

  • Keyfob - Hold both LOCK and UNLOCK button for 2 to 3 seconds

                G.E._Keychain_Final.jpg               EcoLink_Keychain_Final.jpg

  • Motion Detector
    • G.E Motion - Press the tab at the bottom of the motion detector and then remove from the mounting plate
    • IQ Motion: Press the button at the top to remove the back mounting plate

                IQ Motion                                                                     GE Motion


4. Press BACK ARROW to exit


Replacing the Backup Battery

IMPORTANT NOTE: Before you begin opening the panel, know that you must be cautious following this process. If the steps below aren't followed exactly, there may be a risk of damaging the panel or starting a fire. 

First we'll need to power the panel down

1. Press SETTINGS then enter your Master Code

Power_Down_01_Main.jpg Power_Down_02_Enter_Code.jpg

2. Press POWER DOWN then OK to confirm, the IQ Panel will now power down

Power_Down_03_User_Main.jpg Power_Down_04_Confirm.jpg

3. Loosen screw on bottom then pull front of panel from back-plate


4. Hang panel on back-plate using plastic strap


5. Remove battery holder screw then unplug to remove old battery 


6. Replacement batteries can be ordered from Brinks Home Security by clicking here Qolsys IQ Panel Replacement Battery


7. Hold HOME button for 5 seconds to power up IQ Panel



Testing Brinks Home Security Monitoring

1. Place your account on a test (instructions here) then press PRESS TO ARM then press ARM AWAY

Arm_Away_01_Main.png Arm_Away_02_Arm_Screen.png

3. Wait till the 60 seconds are complete arming then open a door or window to trip the alarm

Arm_Away_03_Exit_Delay.png Alarm_01_Garage_Door_2.png

4. Press DISARM then enter your User Code to silence the alarm

Alarm_01_Garage_Door.png Alarm_02_Enter_Code.png

5. Call the Monitoring Station to verify the signal was received then tell the Monitoring Station to take your account off test


View Firmware Version

1. Press SETTINGS then enter Master Code or Installer Code 1111 or Dealer Code 2222


2. Press ABOUT then scroll down to SOFTWARE, latest version is 1.6.3, press HOME button to exit

Firmware_01.png Firmware_02.png   Home_Button_2.png

Replace Glassbreak Detector Batteries


Replace Door Window Sensor Batteries



How to Power Cycle

Brinks Home Security Tip: To restore communication, you can try a cell communication test before attempting to power cycle your panel.

1. Select the settings icon, then enter your Master Code



2. Select power down


3. Select ok when prompted, then wait for LED buttons to turn completely off (this is critical and will prevent data corruption and panel failure)


 4. Wait 2 minutes, then power up your panel

Perform A WiFi Test

1. Press SETTINGS then enter the Master code

Settings_IQ_Panel.jpg Installer_Code_IQ_Panel.jpg

2. Press SYSTEM TESTS then press WIFI TEST

System_Tests_IQ_Panel_2.jpg  WIFI_Test_02_Main.png

3. Press RUN to start test, if successful press BACK ARROW to exit

WIFI_Test_03_Results.png WIFI_Test_04_Results.png

Silence And Reset Trouble Beeps

1. Press STATUS then press ALERTS tab 

Trouble_01_Disarmed.png Trouble_02_Main_Trouble.png

2. Press ACKNOWLEDGE to check all troubles then press YES at the confirmation popup

Trouble_03_Main_Checked.png Trouble_04_Main_Acknowledge.png

3. Press BACK ARROW to exit


AC Power Failure Troubleshooting

Here are a few reasons your IQ Panel could be showing AC Failure.....

1. The panel is unplugged from Electrical Outlet.

Solution: Make sure AC Adapter is plugged into the wall (See Picture Below)


2. Problem with the power cords

Solution: Check to make sure your AC Adapter and Control Panel both have their cords connected correctly (See Pictures Below)

  • AC Adapter
    • Make sure the plus cord (Black Line) is attached to the plus side (See Picture Below)
    • Make sure the negative cord is attached to the negative side (See Picture Below)


  • Control Panel
    •  To make sure your cords are connected correctly to the panel, press here  

Performing A Cellular Communicator Test

1. Press SETTINGS then enter the Master code

Settings_IQ_Panel.jpg Installer_Code_IQ_Panel.jpg


System_Tests_IQ_Panel_2.jpg  Cellular_Test_IQ_Panel_Crop.jpg

3, Press START under Cellular Test button to begin testing, if successful press BACK ARROW to exit

Cellular_Test_02_Test.png Cellular_Test_03_Test.png

Clearing Low Battery Alerts

1. Press STATUS then ALERTS

1.png 2.png

2. Press ACKNOWLEDGE then YES on the pop-up message.

3.png 4.png

Press SETTINGS then enter Installer Code 1111 or 2222

aa.png  a.png

Press ABOUT then check the Battery Voltage section. The voltage needs to be 8.4 Volts

b.png Battery_Voltage.png

If this does not work replace the battery

Testing The Image Motion Sensor

1. Press SETTINGS then enter the Installer Code 1111 or 2222

Settings_IQ_Panel.jpg Installer_Code_IQ_Panel.jpg


System_Tests__2_.jpg Image_Sensor_Config_.jpg

3. Press VIEW on the Image Sensor to test then press SENSOR TESTS

Image_Sensor_Screen.jpg IS_Sensor_Test.jpg

4. Press START PIR TEST then press CLOSE at the popup

PIR_Test.jpg Image_Sensor_Test_In_Progress.png

5. During the 3 minute period, walk back and forth in-front of the image sensor and the LED will flash


6. When finished press BACK ARROW to exit






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