How does the upgrade process work?

Who is GreenSky?
GreenSky is a third - party company that Brinks Home Security has partnered with to offer even more choices when it comes to protecting via a consumer loan. Through GreenSky, our customers are able to pay for alarm equipment with an interest - free monthly - payment plan over 36 months.

Is GreenSky a loan?
Yes – GreenSky is an interest - free consumer loan and will be subject to a hard credit hit to qualify.

What is the minimum credit score required by GreenSky?
The minimum credit score required is 640.

Can my spouse fill out the application?
Anyone can apply! Head over to our upgrade page to get started.

What is the minimum amount required to finance?
The order must be a minimum of $350 and must not exceed approval amount.

Why is my plan through GreenSky and not Brinks Home Security?
At Brinks Home Security, we want our customers to know exactly what they are paying for. That is why Brinks Home Security has partnered with GreenSky to offer interest - free payments on your equipment. It allows our customers to have control of managing their equipment purchase.

How long do I have to use my loan?
Your loan stays open (or active) for 120 days (4 months). After 120 days, the customer will need to apply for a new loan.

Can I add additional equipment purchases with my GreenSky account?
Yes – the GreenSky loan stays open for 120 days. You'll have 120 days from the initial application date to amend your equipment purchase.

When will my first payment be due?
The first payment will be due 5 months from the initial credit application date (120 days + approximately 30 days from purchasing your system ) and will continue monthly.

Can I pay off my GreenSky account early?
Yes! The GreenSky interest - free payments program does allow you to make advanced payments.

If I need to place my monitoring service on hold for a few months (ex: Move), am I still required to pay for the equipment that month as well?
For questions about your GreenSky bill, please call GreenSky Customer Service at (855) 707 - 4925, press option 1.

If I cancel my monitoring with Brinks Home Security, do I also stop making payments on my  GreenSky account?
The agreement with GreenSky is separate from your alarm monitoring agreement. You'lll need to continue making payments even if you cancel your service with Brinks Home Security.

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