How to Order Yard Signs and Window Decals

Yard signs and window decals prominently displayed on your property provide an extra layer of protection and can serve as a deterrent to would-be intruders, letting them know that your home is monitored 24-hours a day so they’ll think twice before trying to break in.


Follow these steps to order yard signs and/or window decals for your home:

1. Log in to the Brinks Home™ Customer Portal

2. Click My System



3. Click Order Yard Signs & Decals

4. Select your option: 4 Window Decals or 1 Yard Sign + 4 Window Decals

  • The 1 yard sign + 4 window decal package costs $9.95
  • Additional decal sheets, with 4 decals per sheet, can be purchased for $2.00
  • There is a maximum order of 4 yard signs and 16 decals in a 12-month period



5. Enter the quantity for your purchase and select PROCEED 

6. Verify your quantity and click ORDER

7. You should now see your confirmation page


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