How to order Yard Signs and/or Decals online

Follow these steps to order Yard signs and/or Decals for your home.

1. Login to your Customer Portal.

2. Click "MY SYSTEM"


3. Click "Order Yard Signs & Decals"

4. Select your option "4 Window Decals" or "1 Yard Sign + 4 Window Decals"

  • 1 Yard Sign Sign and Decal package = $9.95.
  • Additional decal sheets can be purchased for $2.00.
  • There is a maximum of 4-yard signs and 16 decals in a 12-month period.


5. Enter the quantity for your purchase and press "PROCEED" 


6. Verify your quantity and press "ORDER".

7. You should now see your confirmation page. 



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  • Since we rolled over from Protect America to Brinks why do I have to pay for a yard sign and window decal? My yard sign says Protect America but my money is going to Brinks, I think you should send me an up to date yard sign.

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  • I have always had my yard signs free when I was a Protect America customer

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  • I do not think I should have to pay for replacement signs and window stickers to replace my Protect America ones.

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  • Hi Alvin, Francine, and Brian

    I completely agree, request your free Brinks Home Security yard sign by texting 469-263-1200
    (Be sure to Select "G" or type "New Yard Sign")

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