1. Press SECURITY then MENU

User_Menu_-_Bypass_01.png User_Menu_-_Alarm_History_01.png

2. Press TOOLBOX then enter the Master Code

User_Menu_-_Alarm_History_02.png User_Menu_-_Alarm_History_03.png

3. Press SYSTEM TEST, GoControl enters test mode

User_Menu_-_System_Test_00.png User_Menu_-_System_Test_01.png

4. Open door and window sensors and walk by motion detectors

 Open_Close_Door.jpg  White_Open_Window.jpg   Motion_Detector_Test.jpg

5. GoControl beeps and shows signal strength, if all sensors test successfully press OK for next

 User_Menu_-_System_Test_02.png User_Menu_-_System_Test_06.png

6. Test the HOME button colors by pressing each test

User_Menu_-_Console_Test_00.png User_Menu_-_Console_Test_01.png

7. Press NO or YES, when finished press DOWN ARROW

User_Menu_-_Console_Test_02.png User_Menu_-_Console_Test_03.png

8. Test the EMERGENCY button by pressing each test then press NO or YES

User_Menu_-_Console_Test_04.png User_Menu_-_Console_Test_04a.png

9. Press SOUNDER AUDIO TEST then press NO or YES if the internal speaker sounds

User_Menu_-_Console_Test_05.png User_Menu_-_Console_Test_06.png

10. If all tests are successful a bottom right OK button appears, press OK then BACK to exit

User_Menu_-_Console_Test_07.png User_Menu_-_System_Test_10.png

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