Create Christmas Magic by using your Brinks Home Security App

This year you can use your Brinks Home App to create an extra piece of Christmas magic for your family! Using your app and a sensor you can create an alert that proves Santa visited, and add a Santa watermark to what your indoor or outdoor camera catches! It's easy to do, here's how:


1: Designate a Chimney Sensor

On Christmas Eve, log into your Brinks Home Security App and click into the Sensors card on your homepage.
Pick a sensor that's easy for you to activate, like a window or the back door!
Click the sensor name and rename it "Chimney". Don't have a chimney? "Santa Sensor" or “Santa Roof Sensor” could work-get creative!

2: Set up a notification

Go to your Notifications tab, then click New Notification.
Under the Standard tab in the pop-up box, you'll see a Sensor Activity option-click it!
Check the Chimney option, then add yourself as a recipient and save the notification.

3: Create the magic 
On Christmas Eve, open the back door and the contact sensor will trigger a timestamped smartphone alert, reporting that the chimney sensor was activated!

4: Prove Santa came 

Using your Brinks Home App, you can add a Santa watermark to any video/picture of your home. When your kids wake you on Christmas morning, show them the alert and the picture of Santa by the tree and watch their faces light up. Merry Christmas!


Want to step up the magic even more?

Make it extra magical with this Santa/Reindeer footprint kit from Amazon:


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