GoControl 2 Panel - Set Time and Date

1. Press SECURITY, then MENU

User_Menu_-_Set_Clock_01.png User_Menu_-_Set_Clock_02.png


2. Press TOOLBOX, then enter your Master Code

User_Menu_-_Set_Clock_03.png User_Menu_-_Set_Clock_04.png


3. Press RIGHT ARROW to scroll to next display, then press SET DATE

User_Menu_-_Set_Clock_05.png User_Menu_-_Time_Date_01.png


4. Press UP/DOWN ARROWS to set month day and year, then OK, then press SET TIME

User_Menu_-_Time_Date_02.png User_Menu_-_Time_Date_03.png


5. Press UP/DOWN ARROWS to set hours and minutes, then OK, then press BACK to exit

User_Menu_-_Time_Date_04.png User_Menu_-_Time_Date_05.png

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