What’s the difference between my Brinks Home App and my Brinks Home Customer Portal account?

Brinks Home offers customers two different platforms to manage their monitoring service and account. 


Brinks Home App

The Brinks Home App allows you to control all aspects of your home system remotely via your smartphone or through the web. Within the mobile app and on the desktop version, both powered by Alarm.com, you can: 

  • Arm and disarm your system 
  • Quickly verify or cancel an alarm 
  • Receive notifications on system events and alarms 
  • Adjust your thermostat 
  • Lock & unlock your doors 
  • View video from your cameras 
  • Manage location-based home automation rules via Places

Brinks Home Customer Portal

Within the Brinks Home Customer Portal you can easily manage all aspects of your account, including: 

  • View current and past bills 
  • Make a payment 
  • Automate payments with AutoPay 
  • Access insurance certificate 
  • Update account information, including emergency contacts and code word 
  • Test system 


Not yet enrolled?  Sign up for an account today at brinkshome.com/my-account/setup-account    


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